Design, development and consulting in health technologies

Our experiences include movement analysis, clinical and sports biomechanics, R+D, leading of outcome studies, education, computational modeling, performance tests, strength training, development of measurement approaches and data analysis tools.

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Our support ensures high quality analysis in the different field of biomechanics.

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Founded in 2013, ETH Spin off since 2015

Renate List CEO Dr. sc. ETH, Dipl. Natw. ETH, Dipl. Turn- und Sportlehrer I und II
Silvio Lorenzetti PD, Dr. sc. ETH, Dr. phil.-nat., Diplom-Physiker

Purpose of LLS Biomechanics GmbH

Design, development, construction, trade and distribution of own and third-party products in the field of health technology and health training. Consulting, research and training in the field of theoretical and experimental biomechanics and in the construction and operation of biomechanical technologies and laboratories. Transfer of know-how from science to industry and practice, especially in the fields of health technology, biomechanics, ergonomics. It may establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad, participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, acquire similar or related companies or merge with such companies, and enter into all transactions and contracts that are suitable for promoting the purpose of the company or that are directly or indirectly related thereto. It may acquire, manage, encumber and sell real estate, copyrights, patents and licenses of all kinds.

LLS Biomechanics GmbH, Rhiweg 22, 8260 Stein am Rhein, Switzerland